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  1. 2001, A Space Odyssey? - epic sci-fi from Kubrick.
  2. 21 Grams? - shocking and emotional story about life and death. Amazingly depthful characters.
  3. 28 Days Later? - British zombie horror. I like this. It's gritty and it feels British. Reminds me of the good old days of reading John Wyndham sci-fi and stuff.
  4. 28 Weeks Later? - Back with a bigger budget. The US Army does London. I would say this is about as good as the first one in terms of artistic vision, but it does lack the charming low-budget British style of the first.
  5. 300? - King Leonidas and Sparta kick ass. Utterly ridiculous, from the guy who brought us Sin City?. Excellent aesthetics and choreography.
  6. The 6th Day? - Arnold Schwarzenegger reminds us all that he trumps Keanu Reeves when it comes to the role of the Wooden Plank any day. Strangely, the moral of this film seems at least semi reasonable though.
  7. Adaptation? - Nick Cage starring in not one but 2 lead roles, and the film still manages to come away pretty good. Staggering.
  8. Advent Children? - The Final Fantasy VII film. Very nice 3D modelling, but the cinematography was all screwy, and the lighting was lame. Very strange to watch. Not much story to speak of either.
  9. AI? - Spielberged Kubrick which is nevertheless quite watchable and quite moving. The visuals are stunning.
  10. Air Force One? - Harrison Ford in preposterous presidential action.
  11. Akira? - the first anime I ever saw. Very philosophical and weird. Nice to look at too.
  12. Alien3? - weird creatures (H.R.Giger anyone?) harass people in cramped futuristic settings. Nicely done.
  13. Aliens? - weird creatures (H.R.Giger anyone?) harass people in cramped futuristic settings. Nicely done.
  14. Alien, Resurrection? - finally we get a good look at the Aliens...
  15. Amelie? - Audrey Tautou plays an eccentric in this wonderful romantic comedy.
  16. American Beauty? - Kevin Spacey in a wonderful story of self-realisation.
  17. American History X? - story about neo-nazism. Well made, thought-provoking, shocking.
  18. American Pie? - actually very funny.
  19. American Psycho? - Bizarre film with Christian Bale. Forced, but necessarily so. Quite entertaining. Go yuppie!
  20. An Inconvenient Truth? - Story of Al Gore and global climate change. Highly interesting film. And not full of broken science either, which is a refreshing change.
  21. Apocalypse Now, Redux? - One marathon stunner of a film. Epic. Strange. Disconnected. Interesting.
  22. A Scanner Darkly? - excellent Richard Linklater film, despite it starring the Wooden Plank (Keanu Reeves). Existential angst in a drug-addled sci-fi setting. Just what you need!
  23. A Time To Kill? - I remember really enjoying this film. I wonder if I would again. Probably not quite as much.
  24. Audition? - Fairly strange, but interestingly paced and shot.
  25. Austin Powers: International Man Of Mystery? ...
  26. Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me? ...
  27. Austin Powers: Goldmember? - Mike Myers make us laugh with swingin' 60's gags and frippery. Very hammy and over the top, and a fine example of how that needn't be vomit-inducing like so much related garbage.
  28. A Very Long Engagement? - Audrey Tautou in a WWI romance.
  29. L'Avocat De La Terreur? - French documentary about Jacques Verges, lawyer for freedom fighters/terrorists. Monstrously difficult to watch given the standard of my French, but still very interesting.
  30. Babe? - a film about a talking pig. Um.
  31. Babel? - Brad Pitt and Cate Blanchette star in this globe-spanning tale of human woe. Compelling portrait.
  32. Bad Boys? - Will Smith in a singularly pointless film.
  33. Battle Royale? - Japanese film documenting an island death match between school kids. Interesting. Nicely made.
  34. Batman Begins? - a bit of fun.
  35. Batteries Not Included? - story about magical flying saucers coming to earth. A fun children's film, that I loved as a child.
  36. A Beautiful Mind? - 'story' of mathematician John Nash. Russell Crowe does a good job as usual. Great visuals.
  37. Before Sunrise? - wonderful philosophical romance from Richard Linklater.
  38. Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon? - Slasher movie about documentary makers making a documentary about a slasher. Far out.
  39. Being John Malkovich? - surreal comedy with John Cusack. There is some amazing marionette work in this film. And some excellent acting.
  40. The Belleville Rendezvous? - fantastic French animation with more than a hint of absurdism.
  41. Big Nothing? - David Schwimmer can't seem to get in a good movie. Incredibly pointless and ad hoc.
  42. The Birdcage? - Robin Williams in another preposterous but entertaining film.
  43. Birth? - Nicole Kidman in a bizarre film, very watchable in many respects, but the behaviour of the characters is a bit difficult to explain! An interesting idea which could have been made a lot more of...
  44. The Black Dahlia? - Gorgeous aesthetic, and Scarlett Johansson. Nothing much else going for it.
  45. Blade? - Wesley Snipes in ridiculously slick and over the top vampire hunting action.
  46. Blade II? - ...
  47. Bladerunner? - Harrison Ford in a glorious piece of sci-fi noir movie history.
  48. Blood Diamond? - Leonardo DiCaprio seems to be an OK actor now, in the Brad Pitt vein perhaps. Interesting film about conflict diamonds in Sierra Leone.
  49. Blow? - film about drug smuggler George Jung. Fairly averagely shot, but quite an interesting film nevertheless.
  50. Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan? - Sacha Baron Cohen's character Borat is outrageously politically incorrect, under the guise of being foreign and new to western culture. This is a hilarious, sometimes deeply uncomfortable and fairly telling sketch show stretched out into a full film. Culture clash comedy at it's best. Thought provoking.
  51. Born on the Fourth of July? - Tom Cruise plays a devastated Vietnam veteran in this insightful film.
  52. The Bourne Identity? ...
  53. The Bourne Supremacy? - gorgeously shot and choreographed fights and chases set in a reasonably believable context.
  54. The Bourne Ultimatum? - somehow this was a lot less satisfying than the last two. A disjointed plot. A terrible ending. Nice camera positioning, but lousy focus was the straw to break the camel's back. Not good.
  55. Boys Don't Cry? - an extremely well made film about a young transgender man who got out of his depth in Nebraska.
  56. Brazil? - Amazing. Terry Gilliam does 1984.
  57. Breakfast At Tiffany's? - Audrey Hepburn plays a totally unusual and fantastic character in this wonderful and hilarious film.
  58. The Bridge? - Eric Steel films the Golden Gate Bridge, suicide destination of the world, for the whole of 2004. Interesting, but not hugely illuminating.
  59. Bridget Jones's Diary? - silly but fun chick-flick.
  60. Broken Flowers? - Bill Murray is awesome with his trademark deadpan humour.
  61. Bus 174? - tragic documentary about an ex-streetkid bungling a robbery in Rio de Janeiro, and ending up taking a bus full of passengers hostage for 4 hours.
  62. Cabin Fever? - a fairly naff horror film by Eli Roth. Hostel was just as cheesey, but much better.
  63. Casino Royale? - 2006 Bond film. Extremely slick, very cheesey, not as much action or gadgets as we're used to. Entertaining though.
  64. Casualties of War? - an exploration of the immorality of war (set in Vietnam) using a slightly unrealistic group of characters. Fantastic film though.
  65. The Cat Returns? - Studio Ghibli makes some odd but interesting films. A girl saves a cat and then gets into a tangle when the King of Cats assumes she'll want to marry his son.
  66. Changing Lanes? - Samuel L Jackson doesn't play a super hero for once. Interesting film, but with some rather staggering affected performances...
  67. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory? - Johnny Depp plays Willy Wonka in this appropriately psychedelic offering from Tim Burton. Nice.
  68. Chicago? - Well made and entertaining musical. Unfortunately, like most musicals seem to be, it seems to be mostly about showbiz and not much else.
  69. Chicken Run? - Nick Park stop-motion animation about a chicken who wants to free the chickens she's held captive with. A moving and extremely funny story.
  70. Children of Men? - Clive Owen? will be your knight in shining armour for tonight, escorting our maiden in distress to safety. Incredible action/camera sequences marred by a dreadfully disjointed soundtrack and some conspicuous lapses in an otherwise gorgeous aesthetic. Dubious storyline, but lots of great visuals.
  71. Chinatown? - entertaining film starring Jack Nicholson.
  72. Chocolat? - gorgeous and frequently funny romantic film set in a strongly Catholic village in 50s France. A really heartwarming journey.
  73. The Chronicles of Riddick? - Vin Diesel shows off his muscles again. Whoopee.
  74. City of God? - story of a boy with aspirations to journalism/photography living in the violent slums of Rio de Janeiro. Fantastic cinema.
  75. A Clockwork Orange? - political statement directed by Stanley Kubrick.
  76. Closer? - Jude Law, Natalie Portman, Julia Roberts and Clive Own co-star in this excellently made film about the romantic interactions between 4 very different people in London.
  77. Clueless? - a very watchable american high-school film. According to the all movie guide, this is a fair adaptation of Jane Austen's Emma, and has high artistic quality!
  78. The Corporation? - an enlightening marathon of a film.
  79. Corpse Bride? - bizarre Tim Burton film touching on some interesting topics. Beautifully animated. Soundtrack was a bit muddled though.
  80. Crash? - A controversial and damning comment on society at large, and a surprising act of creativity!
  81. Crimson Tide? - fairly tedious submarine action film.
  82. Cube? - Cube 2 was the sequel. Lamely presented for a lame audience, but with a nub of interesting idea in it.
  83. Cube 2: Hypercube? - some people find themselves in a freaky apparently operated only by the forces of random madness. Entertaining, but feels pretty plasticky, from presentational, emotional and philosophical standpoints.
  84. Curse of the Golden Flower? - The most brightly decorated live-action film I've ever seen. A really watchable, but slowpaced, film. Intricate Chinese costume drama. Wonderful. And the martial arts is really interesting too, several films worth compressed into some small corners of this one... Amazing.
  85. Dark City? - sci-fi madness in a surreal world. Fun to watch. Nicely made.
  86. Das Experiment? - film based on the German. Excellent.
  87. Dead Poets Society? - a strangely ridiculous film.
  88. Death of a President? - a highly unusual and strange film. Some interesting political and social side references wrapped up in a fairly implausible premise...
  89. Deep Impact? - an asteroid or something on course for Earth. Aaarrrggghh. A bit generic.
  90. The Descent? - horror movie about a caving expedition gone wrong. Thoroughly gripping. Nasty.
  91. Demolition Man? - Sylvester Stallone, Sandra Bullock and Wesley Snipes in ridiculous but entertaining sci-fi.
  92. The Departed? - Scorsese, Nicholson, Matt Damon, Leonardo DiCaprio in a really very good crime thriller.
  93. Derrida? - documentary about the 'founder of deconstruction'. Very interesting and entertaining, partly because the guy was obviously so impossible to film. He hardly played ball for the duration. Great stuff.
  94. Die Another Day? - Pierce Brosnan as James Bond in this well made and slick spy film.
  95. Die Hard? - classic cop film.
  96. Dirty Pretty Things? - slick but plasticky British crime film. It does have Audrey Tautou in though.
  97. Dogma? - very funny film about angels trying to get back into heaven.
  98. Donnie Darko? - sci-fi film with time travel and other weird stuff. Interesting though.
  99. Doom? - The movie of the game. Far too much dialogue and no where near enough action. Who would watch the movie of a first person shooter to watch meatheads //talking//? But there was plenty of pretty scenery to look at. For a movie rooted in the world of computer games, the camera work was surprisingly sloppy though.
  100. Downfall? - film about the last days of Hitler's life. Excellently shot. It seems believable too.
  101. Down with Love? - Rene Zellwegger and Ewan McGregor star in this visually fantastic feminism/chauvinism piss-take. Glorious. And on the button too, as far as the half I saw went. Worth seeing it all I think.
  102. Dr. Strangelove? - awesome Kubrick film about nuclear war.
  103. Dragon Tiger Gate? - kung fu film, with less amazing martial arts and some oddly mixed art direction, some great, some simply product placement. Quite interesting anyway.
  104. Dune? - David Lynch? does some great visuals set against a pretty flat plot.
  105. Educating Rita? - what a fantastic film. Should be the OU mascot film if it isn't already.
  106. Enemy of the State? - Will Smith in a pretty good spy/big-brother film. I enjoyed this a lot. Lots of ridiculously impossible technology. Nice.
  107. The English Patient? - gorgeously shot love story set against WWII.
  108. Enron: The Smartest Guys In The Room? - ultimately a boring documentary about capitalist/corporate goings on this film does have its interesting side. Newhere near as good as The Corporation?.
  109. Enter the Dragon? - Bruce Lee martial arts. Fun. Impressive.
  110. Equilibrium? - Christian Bale plays Keanu Reeves in this astonishingly wooden mish-mash of 1984, The Matrix and Deus Ex. Nice visuals though.
  111. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind? - Jim Carey proves he can act. A funny but serious film about relationships.
  112. The Evil Dead? - this is just gratuitous.
  113. The Evil Dead II? - Awesome stop motion animation in this 'groovy' horror film.
  114. Evolution? - Hilarious film with David Duchovny. Nice.
  115. eXistenZ? - Jude Law in an absolutely reality-bending film. Gorgeous visuals.
  116. Extreme Measures? - a promising premise let down by Hugh Grant, a lame plot and general rubbish film making.
  117. Eyes Wide Shut? - Kubrick's last film. Fantastic.
  118. Fantasia? - Disney make a fairly trippy piece of children's entertainment which requires more than a minimum of attention span. Worth watching this. Great voiceover too.
  119. Fargo? - more jollies from the Coen brothers.
  120. Far From Heaven? - gorgeous 50s style relationships drama.
  121. Fast Food Nation? - Richard Linklater made an excellent film about fast food. Very grim, but isn't as one sided as you might think.
  122. Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas? - Terry Gilliam, Johnny Depp and Benicio Del Toro make this film absolutely stunning to watch. Incredible visuals and acting. Confusing, and manic. Withnail and I turned up to 11.
  123. Fearless? - Jet Li is awesome as usual.
  124. A Few Good Men? - military courtroom drama with an excellent performance by Jack Nicholson. It's been a long time since I saw this, and the All Movie Guide reckons it's more overblown than I remember it. Figures. I was probably 15 when I saw it.
  125. The Fifth Element? - cartoon like comedy set in the future. Gorgeous visuals.
  126. Fight Club? - anti-capitalist fairy tale with gorgeous visuals.
  127. The Firm? - Tom Cruise in a mafia film. Quite watchable, but I seem to remember Tom Cruise being altogether too trademark earnest...
  128. Flubber? - Robin Williams isn't always as good as he sometimes is...
  129. The Fly? - amazing sci-fi/love/horror about teleportation gone wrong.
  130. Forbidden Planet? - 1956 sci-fi madness. Amazing special effects. Hilarious depiction of spacemen interacting with the recluse's daughter. Interesting philosophical undertones towards the end too. Has interesting similarites with Sphere.
  131. Forrest Gump? - I don't really remember the story of this, but it was definitely an enjoyable watch.
  132. The Fountain? - Darren Aronofsky does beautiful symmetrical slowly zooming shots for a whole film about death and enlightenment. A bit strange and very interesting, overall I like it a lot.
  133. Four Weddings and a Funeral? - Hugh Grant is ridiculous as usual.
  134. For Y'ur Height Only? - A hilarious Filipino Bond spoof, featuring the 3 foot high Weng Weng in the leading role as gun-toting martial artist and woman pleaser extraordinaire, secret agent 00. The dubbing is truly spectacular. 'How in the devil do you catch an eel?' 'I lost a lot of good baddies tonight.' This film is almost too funny to be digested in a single gulp.
  135. Full Metal Jacket? - Kubrick shocks as usual.
  136. GalaxyQuest? - entertaining star trek spoof.
  137. Gandhi? - moving film about one of the great recent peace activists.
  138. Gattaca? - beautifully made sci-fi set in a future where almost everyone is genetically engineered.
  139. Ghostbusters? - very funny mishmash of genres and silliness. Bill Murray is cool.
  140. Ghost in the Shell? - anime classic. Does look rather good, but it wasn't the easiest thing in the world to follow. A bit focused on shooting things, but other than that the universe it's set in is amazing.
  141. Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex Solid State Society? - labyrinthine plot made harder to follow by being in Japanese, stuffed full of technobabble and full of vague references to outlandish philosophy. Very cool.
  142. Ghosts? - a film about illegal immigration and economic exploitation in the UK (and the Morcambe Bay incident). A very honest feeling portrayal from Nick Broomfield and an amazing non-actor cast. Very sad. Absolutely worth watching.
  143. Ghost Ship? - formulaic horror movie set aboard an enormous ship amidst. Glorious set design and photography.
  144. Gladiator? - revenge story set in ancient Rome. Glorious atmosphere and visuals. Russell Crowe brings his usual amazing screen presence to the film.
  145. The Godfather? - Classic. Need to watch it again though.
  146. Goodbye Bafana? - highly dodgy film around the apartheid in South Africa.
  147. Good Bye, Lenin!? - German film about a boy trying to protect his ill mother from fatal shock by shielding her from the fall of communism in East Germany that she was in a coma through. Definitely worth watching.
  148. Good Morning Vietnam? - entertaining and heartwarming story about a military DJ in Vietnam. Robin Williams.
  149. Good Night, And Good Luck? - George Clooney tells the story of how journalist extraordinaire Edward Murrow helped bring down Senator Joseph ~McCarthy and end his commie-bashing antics.
  150. Good Will Hunting? - moving film about a troubled mathematician genius.
  151. Gothika? - Halle Berry and Penelope Cruz make this a very watchable film. It's also surprisingly well written for a horror film.
  152. Goya's Ghosts? - Natalie Portman in a well costumed and nicely set period drama. The story has elements of being very good, but ultimately fails utterly to hang together.
  153. The Green Mile? - hmmm. A bit weird. Well made though.
  154. Grizzly Man? - A film about the nutcase Timothy Treadwell. He got eaten by bears, after having spent huge amounts of time with them. This film contains amazing wildlife footage, and the story of a truly interesting human being.
  155. Hero? - another gorgeous martial arts film from China in the House of Flying Daggers vein.
  156. High Fidelity? - John Cusack in a fun film about a mid-thirties record collector facing up to girl trouble.
  157. The History Boys? - This film watches like a play for a very good reason: it is one. And a very good play it is too. Hilarious, and brilliant. Probably I'll look into some Alan Bennett now...
  158. Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy? - very funny adaptation of the book. Well worth seeing. Marvin is surprisingly well done.
  159. Hollow Man? - a fairly fun premise turned lame by tedious film making. Awesome special effects though.
  160. Hostel? - A better horror film than most I would say. Still fairly naff though.
  161. Hostel: Part 2? - Follows on nicely from the original. Pretty obscene, but not a bad film really. Nicely made.
  162. Hotel Rwanda? - shocking film about modern day conflict.
  163. Hot Fuzz? - Simon Pegg in a hilarious cop spoof movie.
  164. The Hours? - Interesting film, wonderful to watch, but I know next to nothing about Virginia Woolf, so it didn't have the resonance it might have had.
  165. House of 1000 Corpses? - bizarre but gorgeously made horror film by Rob Zombie.
  166. House of Flying Daggers? - absolutely gorgeous martial arts film from China.
  167. Ice Age? - inane CG for disney morons.
  168. The Ice Storm? - hugely depthful and nuanced drama. I like this a lot a lot.
  169. Ichi The Killer? - Zany Japanese Yakuza film.
  170. Identity? - Loopy slasher movie with John Cusack.
  171. The Incredibles? - Surprisingly watchable CGI film. Too silly really though.
  172. Indecent Proposal? - Robert Redford and Demi Moore in an interesting film on relationship strain. It's got a fantastic quote in it: 'If you ever want something badly, let it go. If it comes back to you, then it's yours forever. If it doesn't, then it was never yours to begin with.'
  173. Independence Day? - entertaining almost end of the world film with Will Smith.
  174. INLAND EMPIRE? - David Lynch wanders off the map again. Very strange and disturbing reality bending film about a troubled actress. Amazing. Very long. Difficult to watch, mysterious.
  175. Inside Deep Throat? - documentary about the famous Deep Throat. An interesting piece of insight into the porn industry, and it led me to a funny piece of trivia about Douglas Adams's Deep Thought...
  176. Insomnia? - a murder in Alaska, land of the midnight sun, shows sleep deprived Al Pacino, homicide detective extraordinaire, what it means not to lose your way. Robin Williams plays a bad guy. Excellent.
  177. In This World? - film about two Afghanis making the dangerous journey to Britain to apply for asylum. Amazing.
  178. I, Robot? - Will Smith in a film full of glorious visuals and well depicted sci-fi staples.
  179. Irreversible? - appalling film about how 'time destroys everything'. Extremely well made and artistically executed. Very thought provoking.
  180. The Italian Job? - hilarious 1969 comedy about a gold heist in Italy. The accents, the dress, the brazenness of it all is just wonderful. And mini coopers full of gold. Teehee.
  181. Jack and Sarah? - Richard E. Grant in this entertaining romantic tragi-comedy. It's got Ian ~McKellen in it.
  182. Jacob's Ladder? - really trippy film about a Vietnam veteran going crazy. Aesthetically spectacular. Not so sure about the last third or so.
  183. Judge Dredd? - It's a while since I've seen this, but I remember it being entertaining.
  184. Jump Britain? - Sebastian Foucan and others jump around Britain. Much more interesting than the London one. These guys are a little odd, but what they are doing is cool.
  185. Jump London? - Sebastian Foucan and others jump around London. Not as amazing as I thought it would be.
  186. Junebug? - This is a wonderful character study. Tragic and funny and meaningful and pointless all at the same time. Quality entertainment.
  187. The Jungle Book? - the first film I ever went to see at the cinema. But I still don't know the songs...
  188. Jurassic Park? - very impressive. Not a very good film though.
  189. Kidulthood? - Gritty film about teenagers in west London. Very well made. A bit plastic though.
  190. Kill Bill I? ...
  191. Kill Bill II? - stylized and stylish ultraviolence from Quentin Tarantino.
  192. The Killing Machine? - the Shorinji Kempo film, a joke biography of the founder, Doshin So. Lots of real Kempo moves in here, and real Kempo locations. Interesting and funny and gory film.
  193. King Kong? - monstrously long offering from Peter Jackson. Stunning visuals.
  194. Kundun? - story of the current Dalai Lama's life. Slow moving but gorgeously shot portrait. Martin Scorsese.
  195. Kung Fu Hustle? - glorious martial arts comedy, from the guy who brought us Shaolin Soccer.
  196. Labyrinth? - amazing film about growing up and dreams and lessons onf life. Wonderful visuals, questionable music, David Bowie, Jennifer Connelly, what more could you want?
  197. LA Confidential? - wonderfully made crime thriller with Kevin Spacey, Russell Crowe and various others.
  198. The Last King Of Scotland? - a film about a Scottish doctor seeking adventure in early 70s Uganda, around the time of mad dictator Idi Amin. Very watchable and well made.
  199. The Last Samurai? - A dubious film, but gorgeously shot and with some interesting fight scenes.
  200. Layer Cake? - Heist film. Lots of fun. Ugly.
  201. Legends of the Fall? - great story set in a well portrayed historical context.
  202. Leon? - touching story of a hitman who takes in a girl (Natalie Portman) who's had her whole family murdered in a drug-related incident. She wants to learn to be a 'cleaner'.
  203. Life of Brian? - hilarious Monty Python comedy about Brian who becomes an unwilling religious icon.
  204. The Little Shop of Horrors? - hilarious musical.
  205. The Lives of Others? - Very well shaded film, but ultimately the broader picture seems slightly lacking. A good watch anyway.
  206. Lost In Translation? - moving story about two strangers in a foreign land.
  207. Lucky Number Slevin? - this is a bit funky. The conclusion is extremely tedious, but the actual ending is quite nice.
  208. The Machinist? - interesting story about self decline. Once referred to as Memento meets Fight Club.
  209. Madagascar? - inane CG for disney morons.
  210. The Magdalene Sisters? - hardhitting and human film about life at a girl's reformatory (run by nuns) in Ireland in 1964.
  211. Malice? - Nicole Kidman and Alec Baldwin in ludicrous thriller.
  212. The Manchurian Candidate? - interesting story about soldiers who got experimented on by the military.
  213. Manufacturing Dissent? - A look at the life and methods of Michael Moore. Interesting, but pretty long. Mud slinging between documentarians seems like a fairly niche area.
  214. The March of the Penguins? - unusual cinema! A National Geographic production about the life cycle of the emperor penguin narrated by Morgan Freeman. Extremely cute and touching, and a real eye-opener: penguins are a lot tougher than most of us realise!
  215. Mars Attacks!? - Tim Burton excels once again in this hilarious comedy. Pierce Brosnan redeems himself well and truly. As does that woman off Sex in the City.
  216. Martha, Meet Frank, Daniel and Lawrence? - glorious low-budget romance from ~FilmFour, set in London.
  217. The Matrix? ...
  218. The Matrix Reloaded? ...
  219. Matrix Revolutions? - enjoyed them all. Great visuals. Pseudo philosophy. What more would you want?
  220. Meet Joe Black? - ridiculous film about Death having a holiday on earth. Nice soundtrack by Thomas Newman though.
  221. Memento? - film about a man with memory loss, presented in a very unusual way. Tragic, comic and thought provoking.
  222. Memoirs of a Geisha? - wonderfully detailed picture, apparently it doesn't compare so well with the book, but it's an interesting and aesthetically pleasing film.
  223. Me, Myself and Irene? - Jim Carrey gets lots of laughs out of his main trick with this funny split personality film.
  224. Men In Black? - entertaining dross with Will Smith.
  225. Men In Black 2? - ditto.
  226. Mickey Blue Eyes? - more slapstick from Hugh Grant. Reasonably funny, but not worth much.
  227. Minority Report? - film about fate and destiny set in a semi-Orwellian future. Gorgeously shot, but ultimately just an action film.
  228. Mirrormask? - A film about a young circus girl dealing with family troubles. Wonderful.
  229. Mission Impossible? - Tom Cruise in a nicely made spy film.
  230. MI2? - Tom Cruise again in yet another smooth but basically lame spy film.
  231. Mona Lisa Smile? - Wikipedia describes this as Dead Poets Society? with girls, and I'm inclined to agree. I think I preferred this to Dead Poets Society as well.
  232. Monsters Inc.? - I really like this film. It gives a wonderful backstory to the bedroom monsters mythology. Something for everyone. Definitely in the Shrek? league...
  233. Monty Python and the Holy Grail? - funny, but I think most of the humour is from sharing in the joy of those who made it, rather than any particular funniness about the film.
  234. The Motorcycle Diaries? - a really gorgeous portrait. Dunno how it relates to history though.
  235. Moulin Rouge!? - Baz Luhrmann does his weird thing again. Mad but quite interesting.
  236. Mrs Doubtfire? - classic children's comedy. I still love it. Robin Williams.
  237. Mulholland Drive? - this is absolutely crazy. Amazing. Lots to think about.
  238. Multiplicity? - a fun film about the dangers of having more than one of you.
  239. My Best Friend's Wedding? - A fairly bland use of a few hours of precious life.
  240. The Namesake? - insightful and epic portrait of some first and second generation Indian immigrants in the USA. Wonderful photography.
  241. Natural Born Killers? - I remember being entertained by this film. But I've forgotten the details. Gory but valid is what I seem to remember.
  242. New Police Story? - Jackie Chan doesn't seem as cool as other people seem to have made out. Perhaps he's just eclipsed by various newer talent... This film is also dreadfully cheesy. Perhaps it's the genre, I don't know.
  243. Night Watch? - Quirky Russian vampire film. Lots of very interesting fragments and aspects badly stitched together into an unconvincing and ultimately unsatisfying whole.
  244. Nikita? - 1990 Luc Besson film, precursor to Leon. Very interesting angles on various things, cringeworthy in some places, odd pacing. Looks more dated than it should for a 1990 film.
  245. Ninja Scroll? - Gorgeous, but graphic, anime of ninja type goings on in feudal Japan.
  246. No Country for Old Men? - Cohen brothers write about a libertine style psycho, and old-timer cop and a bunch of differently money-chasing guys. Interesting, whacky, funny, weird film. Awesome.
  247. Notes on a Scandal? - Cate Blanchette and Judi Dench in an incredibly well drawn drama.
  248. Notting Hill? - Hugh Grant up to his usual tricks.
  249. Ocean's Thirteen? - way too much talking, but quite cool. Strangely lo-fi image quality...
  250. Ocean's Twelve? - a very slick heist film. Neat.
  251. One Hour Photo? - Robin Williams in this gorgeously shot tale of ordinary strangeness. The music videoness is truly interesting, makes for a very different narrative style at base, even if the film subscribes to most of the broad conventions of cinema, the actual foundation is music video, making for a very different experience.
  252. Ong-Bak? - Film about a Thai martial artist (trained in Muay Thai). Awesomely choreographed, but also horrifically violent.
  253. Outbreak? - Dustin Hoffman plays the moral man in this film about an outbreak of a scary disease. Fun to watch.
  254. Panic Room? - well shot but ultimately dull film about a, um, panic room.
  255. Pan's Labyrinth? - a truly fairy-tale like fairy-tale. Very gory, gorgeous visuals, real depictions of real life (in places), amazing.
  256. Paprika? - A sci-fi anime about dreams, reality and the boundary between the two. Visually appealing, awesomely twistedly constructed.
  257. A Passage To India? - an adaptation of the book by E.M.Forster. An amazing, and realistically set, film about cultural relations, with some very moving scenes.
  258. The Passion of the Christ? - graphic depiction of Christ's last hours. Not sure what to make of this. Incredibly well made, although I forget whether it deals with the important issues adequately.
  259. Payback? - Mel Gibson in a revenge film. I quite like the comic book style, but it's a bit raw to be really good. Has shades of Sin City about it, but Sin City was way cooler.
  260. Phenomenon? - John Travolta in what would be a sickening if it wasn't so stupid film about a guy who develops terminal superpowers.
  261. Phone Booth? - A very unusual morality play of a film. Oddly compelling.
  262. Pi? - maths oversimplified and made falsely compelling. As a mathematician in training even I can think of better ways of communicating the awesomeness of maths. A glorious piece of stylization in almost every other respect though.
  263. The Piano? - highly unusual and unlikely premises followed through with some excellent characters and insightful observations. A proper art film in my opinion. Excellent.
  264. Pierrepoint? - film about Britain's last executioner. Theatrical. Very good. Unsettling.
  265. Pitch Black? - These things work better as sci-fi short stories.
  266. Ping Pong? - a heartwarming tale of the path to mastery.
  267. Pirates of the Caribbean? - it was OK. Not really worth the watch though...
  268. Pirates of the Carribean: At World's End? - kind of entertaining I guess. A bit long. Not sure what the point is. Johnny Depp is cool though.
  269. Platoon? - another Vietnam portrait. One of the big three, alongside FMJ and Apocalypse Now. Well worth watching.
  270. Pleasantville? - an interesting cinematic device is employed in this film that is choc full of in-yer-face symbolism. Fun to watch though, and nicely made.
  271. Powers of Ten? - Fantastic 9 minute 1977 documentary featuring zooming pictures showing images at all scales from that of the observable universe down to the level of quarks. Awesome.
  272. The Prestige? - story of magic in victorian times. Not sure about this film. There's a lot wrong and a lot right with it. Interesting anyway.
  273. Primer? - Time travel on a shoestring. Interesting, but ultimately a bit silly. Did well at the sundance festival though. Not sure why. Maybe they got wowed by all the techno-babble.
  274. Private fears in public places? - French portrait of 6 lives. Bizarre, funny, beautifully made. A nice portrayal of the human condition.
  275. Proof? - Gwyneth Paltrow plays a mad mathematician's going mad daughter very well. Excellent film about maths, distinguished by the way it doesn't try to depict too much maths, which is a blessing as movie makers are almost always awful at that anyway.
  276. Pulp Fiction? - funny, shocking, stylish crime film from Quentin Tarantino. There are some great characters in this film.
  277. Quelques Jours en Septembre? - Juliette Binoche costars in this rather odd film. There are many things about it that are truly inspired, and many things which are truly dull. Overall worth the watch, definitely an oddity.
  278. Rabbit Proof Fence? - tale of 3 aboriginal girls journey to rejoin their family. Touching, interesting, but a film is never a good historical source!
  279. Ransom? - Mel Gibson in a fairly pointless thriller.
  280. The Replacement Killers? - Hong Kong action film. Fun to watch, but ultimately pointless.
  281. Requiem For A Dream? - from the guy who made Pi. A story of utter defeat. Tragic stuff.
  282. Reservoir Dogs? - Quentin Tarantino's debut film apparently. An interesting watch.
  283. Resident Evil: Apocalypse? - Ridiculous but watchable zombie action with Milla Jovovich.
  284. Revenge of the Drunken Master? - Jackie Chan ripoff, some amazing martial arts scenes mixed in with some truly talentless film-making.
  285. The Ring 2? - Fairly tedious sort of horror film.
  286. Ringu? - really well made horror film.
  287. Ripley's Game? - well made film about a sociopath. Nasty.
  288. Road To Perdition? - father/son relationship in gangster-era America. Nice to look at (Sam Mendes of American Beauty fame), but not a hugely satisfying film.
  289. The Rocky Horror Show? - hilarious musical.
  290. Romeo + Juliet? - Baz Luhrmann retells the story with his trademark over the top flair. Thinking about it, the cinematographic style is similar to that of Snatch. Interesting!
  291. Run Lola Run? - German film about alternate futures. Interestingly shot, but does have an unusual amount of running...
  292. Rush Hour 2? - Jackie Chan is amazing, Chris Tucker is unusual. Some amazing martial arts, and generally fun to watch, if a little strange in places.
  293. Saw? - hmmm. A lot contrived.
  294. Scenes of a Sexual Nature? - pseudo-philosophhical, kitcshy fluff, full of tedious one-liners. It seems to promote a philosophy of 'relationships must stay interesting'. Says who? Dumb film. But kind of relaxing to watch if you've got some time to waste, which I didn't but oh well.
  295. Schindler's List? - Steven Spielberg shows he can make decent films. The first black and white film I ever really liked.
  296. Se7en? - Kevin Spacey and Brad Pitt in an amazing detective thriller based around the 7 deadly sins.
  297. Serendipity? - John Cusack and Kate Beckinsale make this watchable, despite it's awful sugariness.
  298. Seven Swords? - fantastic martial arts fairy tale. Amazing choreography and visuals.
  299. Shaft? - for some reason this was quite tiring, despite having the cool music...
  300. Shaft, 2000? - the remake was much easier to watch and had loads of cool music. Awfully formulaic.
  301. Shakespeare in Love? - enjoyed this a lot. Fairly silly from what I remember though.
  302. Shaolin Soccer? - ridiculous but entertaining story with lots of groovy martial arts action as well.
  303. Shaun of the Dead? - comic take off of Dawn of the Dead with Simon Pegg. I laughed so much my face hurt at the end.
  304. She's All That? - Pygmalion in American high-school format. Well made I guess. A bit too stereotypically American for me though.
  305. Simpsons The Movie? - Very long and winding stream of consciousness random weirdness. Entertaining in places.
  306. The Shining? - oddly scary Kubrick.
  307. The Shipping News? - Kevin Spacey plays an incompetent fool who moves to Newfoundland and gets competent in this unusual story of personal growth. Shot in a lovely place, but apparently the portrayal of the society there is awful.
  308. Shooting Dogs? - Explores the 1994 Rwanda genocide. Notably different from Hotel Rwanda? in that it was shot in Rwanda.
  309. Shooting Fish? - Kate Beckinsale again. This is a fun film.
  310. Short Circuit? ...
  311. Short Circuit II? - films about a military robot that becomes intelligent after being struck by lightening. Hilarious and charming children's entertainment. Was part of the general gubbins that got me so interested in robotics, computing and technology in general. Input input!
  312. [[Shrek] - fun CGI film full of fairy tale characters.
  313. Shrek II? - fun CGI film full of fairy tale characters.
  314. Sicko? - Michael Moore nauseates again. Oh well.
  315. Sideways? - comedy about a pair of friends who go on a wine-tasting holiday. Very funny.
  316. Sin City? - this adaptation from a graphic novel gleefully caricatures the social attitudes of the time (and this time) with a glorious display of technical skill and artistry.
  317. Sirens? - Hugh Grant in a film that is actually worth watching. A very funny look at the interaction between prudish Victorian type people and a group of hippy-style people in Australia.
  318. Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow? - Awesome visuals and virtually no story. Excellent.
  319. Sleeping With The Enemy? - Julia Roberts is undoubtedly attractive, but this is definitely pulp fiction of the celluloid variety...
  320. Sleepy Hollow? - Johnny Depp in this extremely 2 dimensional film, which nevertheless had some quite nice visuals in it.
  321. Sliding Doors? - An interesting movie about fate.
  322. The Snowman? - the film of the famous song. Beautiful animation and a beautiful story. Britishness at its best.
  323. South Park? - Very funny if you can get over the awful taste and crudeness.
  324. Snatch? - lots of fun with Brad Pitt and some very pop-art cinematography.
  325. Spaceballs? - hilarious sci-fi spoof. Easily better than Star Wars IMHO. I love the chestburster scene at the end. Eat your heart out Giger!
  326. Species? - gloriously stunted speech, fleeting glimpses of H.R.Giger's amazing artwork and a totally stereotypically male-fantasy 'plot'-line. Nice.
  327. Speed? ...
  328. Speed 2? - Keanu Reeves (first film only) and Sandra Bullock in preposterous action films. The first one was quite nicely made though.
  329. Sphere? - Dustin Hoffman and various others in a fantastic underwater sci-fi horror.
  330. Spirited Away? - truly gorgeous anime fairy tale. Very surreal, spooky, symbolic and undeniably beautiful.
  331. Starship Troopers? - a rather slick, cohesive, fun and astute sci-fi-comedy-horror film. Humanity wins through against the bugs!
  332. Stepmom? - I doubt I'd like this film much now. I guess it'd be a relatively inoffensive way of passing the time.
  333. Straw Dogs? - Dustin Hoffman? and Susan George? in this early 70s killing spree. Expertly done, and gratuitous in a very raw sort of way, much more interesting than the plastic gratuity of today. Chilling. Thought provoking.
  334. The Sum Of All Fears? - Ben Affleck plays a slightly different character from his usual in this run of the mill war thriller.
  335. Sunshine? - humanity sends a speck of nuclear material to jumpstart the sun. This is still a surprisingly watchable film, especially towards the second half.
  336. Super Size Me? - Morgan Spurlock attempts suicide by fastfood in this documentary of a 30 day diet consisting of nothing but mcdonald's 'food'. Interesting, and full of good facts. Poor guy. Funny guy as well though.
  337. Swordfish? - This is awesomely simplistic. Hollywood at its dumbest.
  338. Syriana? - Very interesting and multi-faceted film about the human side of global politics and oil. A bit US-centric, but what can you do?
  339. The Talented Mr Ripley? - well made film about a sociopath. Nasty.
  340. Taxi Driver? - Martin Scorsese makes a shocking film about an insomniac. Robert De Niro is excellent, as usual.
  341. Team America? - Side-splitting political (and other) humour from the South Park team.
  342. There's Something About Mary? - odd story about a girl who apparently personifies the idea of femme fatale, in the most literal sense.
  343. The Terminator? ...
  344. Terminator 2: Judgment Day? ...
  345. Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines? - steadily increasing preposterousness and ridiculousness. Rock on Schwarzenegger...
  346. The Thing? - John Carpenter. Excellent horror. I'll rewatch this should the chance present itself.
  347. This Is England? - Skinheads flirting with racism in the early 1980s. Well made and watchable, but doesn't explore the issues too deeply.
  348. This Is Spinal Tap? - hilarious music spoof in the style of a music documentary.
  349. Tideland? - Terry Gilliam paints an absolutely bizarre story. Wonderfully put together, very cute, very twisted, very strange. A refreshingly honest portrayal of child nature.
  350. Tomorrow Never Dies? - Pierce Brosnan as James Bond in this fun but silly film. The Sheryl Crow song was fantastic though.
  351. Trainspotting? - some amazing sequences, including toilet diving in the worst toilet in Scotland. Not for the faint-hearted.
  352. Transformers? - Ridiculous action movie with amazing effects.
  353. Tron? - amazing (for the time) computer graphics in a film set inside a computer. Geeky. Entertaining.
  354. The Truman Show? - Jim Carrey in a story which is just too silly to make decent cinema.
  355. The Truth About Cats and Dogs? - I remember enjoying this a lot. I'd rewatch this if the opportunity arose.
  356. Turistas?/Paradise Lost? - horror about tourists in Brazil getting their organs nicked by a doctor in search of revenge on the west for the sake of his nation. Surprisingly well shot and touching on interesting points, and beautiful location. Very unusual underwater chase scene.
  357. Turtles Can Fly? - the first film to be made in Iraq since Saddam Hussein. Quite a place to make quite a film.
  358. Twelve Monkeys? - excellent time travel movie with Bruce Willis.
  359. The Twilight Samurai? - interesting film about a key episode in the life of a samurai. Gorgeously filmed, and there are a few short but fantastic martial arts scenes.
  360. Ultraviolet? - Wow. Insanely inane.
  361. Under Siege? ...
  362. Under Siege II? - ridiculous machismo films with Stephen Seagal.
  363. Unleashed? - Jet Li in some truly awesome martial arts action. It's a nice film too.
  364. The Usual Suspects? - fun fairy tale set in criminal world, Kevin Spacey.
  365. The US Vs John Lennon? - a documentary about John Lennon and how he clashed with the US. Interesting, but shot in that rather dreary pop-documentary style, full of tedious people wittering on, but there is some good commentary, and the old footage is interesting.
  366. Vera Drake? - really nicely shot, desperately sad, tale of an 'innocent' back-street abortionist who gets rather overwhelmed by the legal system. If this is what the 50s looked like, then amazing.
  367. V For Vendetta? - Guy Fawkes tale set in a future totalitarian Britain. Fun to watch, but drags a little in places. Natalie Portman is good though!
  368. Vanilla Sky? - Tom Cruise in some rather good sci-fi.
  369. The Virgin Suicides? - not particularly entertaining at all. Just a very strange story.
  370. Volver? - A desperate but beautiful story. Possibly the only film I've seen with no significant male characters at all. Wonderful.
  371. Walk the Line? - a film about Johnny Cash's life. It gets better towards the end. Nicely shot. Most of the characters are a lot 2D though.
  372. Waking Life? - hugely philosophical, pro-dreaming documentary-type film in an unusual computer-modified live-footage style. Highly recommended. Richard Linklater.
  373. Warrior King? - Tony Jaa? demonstrates some incredible acrobatic and martial artistic skill in this preposterous but gorgeous martial arts film. Brutal but beautiful.
  374. War of the Worlds? - Tom Cruise in this gorgeous, but empty, sci-fi thriller. It's brief though, which is good.
  375. Waterworld? - So now I recognise Kevin Costner. Big deal.
  376. The Wicker Man? - a story of religious culture clash on a highland island. Extremely well made.
  377. Withnail and I? - side-splitting tragicomedy about two Londoners hitting bottom.
  378. Witness? - Harrison Ford tries to protect an Amish boy who witnesses a murder. I remember this being a good film, but now my memory of it is polluted with some gumph from the ~X-Files. Oh well.
  379. Wonder Boys? - a weird tale of writers in America getting in tangled social situations. Highly funny and lots of interesting insight. Beautifully shot. Awesome characters.
  380. The Wrong Trousers? - Nick Park stop-motion animation. Very funny, as usual.
  381. X-Men? - Superhero madness. Very watchable and slick though.
  382. X-Men 2? - Ditto.
  383. X-Men: The Last Stand? - truly whacko scenery wrenching madness. Awesome.
  384. Zatoichi? - martial arts film. Impressive.
  385. Zipang? - Martial arts meets the wild west in this awesome film packaged in an impressive amount of top notch cheese and fantastic fight sequences.
  386. Zodiac? - David Fincher film about the Zodiac serial killer. Nicely made.
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