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Main / WebPresence

my web presence

  • tumblr - a nice place to drop random thoughts and ideas.
  • google reader - things I see on the web.
  • deviantART - mainly photography but other bits and pieces of creativity here too.
  • flickr - a bit more of my photography than on deviantART.
  • google maps - some maps I've made.
  • facebook - a handy way of keeping in touch with a lot of people.
  • DailyLit - get books delivered piecemeal by email or RSS. Wonderful!
  • halfbakery - a fun place for ideas.
  • YouTube - all the videos I have on the web are here. Mainly a bit experimental, a few drumming videos etc.
  • wikipedia - occasionally I correct the odd spelling mistake... :)
  • e-budo - martial arts bulletin board. There are quite a few Shorinji Kempo kenshi on here.
  • kongregate - flash gaming site.

no longer in use

  • pandora - a fairly nifty streaming music player, which automatically keeps a public profile for you.
  • - this site plugs into my computer mp3 player and records my listening habits. Very big-brother-esque.
  • - social bookmarking.
  • dragon go server - I generally keep a few games of Go ticking over on here. (You need to login first, either as yourself or as a guest before you can follow this link.)
  • zaadz - a sickly sweet 'green' social networking site.
  • blogspot - a barely used blogging site.
  • google video - I bet on the wrong horse here! So I moved to YouTube, it's all the same company now anyway...
  • Google Groups - I hardly ever posted here, but I might yet.
  • 43 Things - didn't find it that useful.
  • 43 Places - this would have been cool, but it didn't have a concept of nested places! Duh!
  • 43 Ideas - apparently I was signing up for 43 everything once...
  • ALL consuming - no where near enough return on the tediousness of the data entry...
  • googlepages - I thought this might be a nice memorable address to hand around, and then I bought
  • stumbleupon - not as good as I think.
  • bookcrossing - a cool idea, but I never got thoroughly involved in it.
  • philosophy forums - just lost track of it.

never used

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