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Ideas / WhatIsProductionQuality

What is 'Production Quality'?

and why the distinction between developer and user?

  • We can separate an application into two parts:
    • function (core! / purpose)
    • environmental aspects (facilitate carrying out function)
      • user facing (allow the application to exist in a home/business/corporate/enterprise/etc. environment)
      • developer facing (testing/debug/logging/comments)

developer facing:

  • portability
  • comprehensibility

user facing:

  • reliability (resilience, error handling)
  • autonomy (how unattended can it be)
  • scalability
  • connectivity (network/database/other environmental components)
  • distributability
  • transparency
  • ease of use
  • scriptability/flexibility/extensibility

attributes: closedness (how hard it is to get it wedged)

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Page last modified on September 08, 2007, at 09:37 AM