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Ideas / SocialGroup

Social Groups

As each of us moves through life, we take part in various social groups. For these purposes, a social group is any group of interacting people.

Consider the following framework in relation to the various examples of social groups I note below:

  • Overview
    1. Brief description - characterization of the group, in a few lines.
    2. Purpose
    3. Lifespan - how long groups last, also in relation to their members. For example, is the lifespan of the group dependent on the continued membership of a specific participant?
  • Inter-group - interactions of the group, as a whole, with other groups
    1. Supergroups - groups that (do/could) wholly contain this group
    2. Subgroups - groups that (do/could) be wholly contained by this group
    3. 'Peer'-groups - groups that could be considered as peers of this group: groups that this group interacts with on a peer-basis, rather than in a controlling type relationship.
  • Intra-group - the internal workings of the group
    1. Types of member
      1. Membership requirements
      2. Circumstances of entry
      3. Modes of participation
      4. Circumstances of exit

Family groups

  • Nuclear family
  • Extended family

Friendship groups

Career groups

  • Institutions
  • Corporations
  • Startups
  • Small businesses


  • Class pupil groups
  • Year groups
  • Schools


  • Households
  • Neighbourhoods
  • Settlements (villages/towns/cities/conurbations etc.)
  • Nations
  • Countries

Social class

Special-focus groups

see also: Peergroup

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