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Ideas / NicheFinding

How to find a new niche

Many systems are founded on generalizing/controlling/expanding a previously fixed/uncontrolled mapping. Examples:

  • Shorinji Kempo (probably many martial arts) seek to generalize the mapping between visual cues and physical actuality, in order to deceive the opponent and achieve more skilful actions.
  • Magicians etc. do the same, but in a more controlled environment, and to create awe rather than survival/superiority in a fight.
  • Pickpockets/thieves do the same, but to remain undetected.

Perhaps all cultural activities can be characterized this way.

  • Cooking arose as a way to generalize the mapping between food ingredients and meals.
  • Agriculture arose as a way to control the mapping between land and produce.
  • Communications technologies arise as a way to generalize/control the mapping between location/circumstance and opportunity for communications.

Etc. etc.

Perhaps this is too general to be useful. But perhaps it is also an axis along which you can interpret things usefully.

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Page last modified on November 25, 2007, at 01:04 PM