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Implementing Solutions

In your mind or in your system?

There are two types of problems: systemic contradictions and lack of understandng.

Distinguish between these types accurately to avoid polluting your system!

  • To resolve contradictions within the system, amend the system.
  • To resolve contradictions within understanding, amend the understanding.
  • Trying to resolve contradictions within understanding by amending the system leads to mess.
  • Trying to resolve contradictions in the system by amending the understanding of the system can be a great brain exercise. But it's nice to know that that's what you're doing.

The thing to take from this is to be aware when it's your understanding that needs attention and when it is the system that needs attention. The strategies are different in each case. If you don't know what needs attention, then clearly you need to boost your understanding... Contradictions within the system can only be uncovered when you understand it (or relevant subsets of it).

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Page last modified on March 04, 2008, at 06:10 PM