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Ideas / IgnoreFolksForSanity

Ignore Folks For Sanity

ignoring folk is a sanity-preserving strategy in crowded communities

We have a limited capacity for remembering people, especially if we had no dealings with those people. If you pass hundreds of people every day who you are unlikely to ever see again in such a way that you will recognise them, what is the point in paying them any attention?

Generally, if you have to interact with large numbers of people in an impersonal way, this becomes a learnt behaviour for dealing with people in general.

So people who have no need of this pattern of behaviour ('village mentality') will feel alienated in the presence of 'city people'. The feeling is mutual. How on earth could it be sensible to greet everyone you passed?

But as always, the town mouse and the country mouse have a lot to learn from each other. And when they do, they can move forward to learn new things that neither of them knew before.

The city has strained how people interact with each other, but in time it can enrichen it immensely, in many ways I guess it already has.

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Page last modified on May 18, 2008, at 08:31 PM