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Ideas / FreeWillAbuse

How (not) to get good at abusing your free will

If you know you won't do it or think there's a strong probability that you won't, then don't try and fool yourself that you will, because this will train you in the process of failing your will, and so it will become easier to do so in the future!

  • X: going through with x
  • !X: not going through with x
  • A: decision to go through with x
  • !A: not a decision to go through with x
  1. A, X : free will (deliberate action)
  2. A, !X : failed will (frustrated)
  3. !A, X : no will (empty action)
  4. !A, !X : undistracted will (resistive)

These are reinforcing.

Reinforcement of these leads to:

  1. self-determination
  2. failing to do what you decided
  3. doing actions without having decided to!
  4. resistance to influence

1 is the holy grail. 4 is a highly valuable ability. 2 leads to all sorts of trouble. 3 is all too common: you've been pwned!

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Page last modified on December 18, 2007, at 11:35 AM