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Facts are meaningless without an appreciation of the underlying framework the facts are about.

Not all facts can just be about other facts. At some stage, to be meaningful at all, some of them have to link to something tangible, something which, by definition, is non-factual.

A priori reasoning is meaningless without a connection to reality.

Empirical data is meaningless without frameworks within which to understand it.

A priori reasoning represents that which we understand innately.

Empirical data represents that which we have yet to understand.

Over-reliance on a priori reasoning indicates complacency and arrogance.

Over-reliance on empirical data indicates a lack of self-belief.

The union of a priori and empirical modes of thinking indicates skeptical self-belief, and a willingness to confront reality and continuously incorporate it into yourself, and incorporate yourself into it.

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Page last modified on December 13, 2007, at 07:07 PM