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Hints / UnlockBrainByMoving

engage motor systems to unlock brain

I noticed that just a small amount of some fine, whole body, motor exercise (such as juggling, or balancing, or stretching) can really loosen up my mind for the day and make me feel really ready for action.

Not doing this, can leave me feeling a little bit 'stuffy', as if I haven't unpacked everything I need for the day.

Given that muscles are basically our only means of acting on the world, it seems fairly basic to me that the mental capacity of people is heavily dependent on a good interface between brain and muscle (action).

Our brains are also connected to our 'passive' senses (sight, smell etc.), so this is also an important basis for mental capacity.

My guess is that the over-emphasis on sensing, as opposed to acting, has unbalanced our mental faculties.

We have restricted our range of action very dramatically. We perform violent actions in a narrow variety of ways. I reckon we could perform gentle actions in a broard variety of ways and get a much better effect. It is my guess that exploring the full range of motion, dexterity etc. available to us is a very important way to unlock the full potential of our minds.

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Page last modified on April 12, 2008, at 12:42 AM