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Blog / 2007-11-22a-AssemblerWars
  • memory map containing mixed code and data
  • 1 unique token per player (occupying 1 memory location)
  • 1 register set per player
  • processor rotates register sets each instruction... (ie, one thread of execution for each player)
  • every time a processor reads a player's token, that player receives a point, written to a special, known, read-only memory location above the end of the main memory map.
  • each player knows the memory size to start with. they are each allocated 1 third each, to which they can write arbitrary values (data/code).
  • the register sets start empty, except each player can choose the value of the PC.
  • then the processor is started and the game runs until the end conditions have been met.
  • unless written to, PCs loop sequentially through the memory map.
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Page last modified on November 22, 2007, at 02:37 PM