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Blog / 2007-11-10a-ExpressionsOfBoldness

Expressions of Boldness

We all have a grey day sometimes. So it's good to have a stock of things you can do that help you express your boldness, even if you're not feeling bold at all. If you're feeling bold already, then everything you do will be an expression of boldness. If you aren't, then a stock activity can set you back on the right track.

I realised this when I washed my hair in cold water this morning. Apart from it being so refreshing, the prospect of cold water straight after getting up isn't the most appetising thing. This is one of my stock of 'expressions of boldness', and it can really help set off a day to a good start, whether I got out of the wrong side of bed or not.

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Page last modified on November 10, 2007, at 10:33 AM