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Blog / 2007-09-17b-LanguageEditing
  • character: a single displayable element
  • characterset: a set of characters...
  • string: a list of characters
  • word: a string of characters taken from an allowable characterset (eg, no whitespace)
  • punctuation set: a character set containing only punctuation characters
  • dictionary: an unordered set of distinct words.
  • text: an ordered set (list) of words and punctuation.
  • constrained text: text conforming to structural rules. (eg: matched quotes, capitalization of sentences etc.)
  • educational dictionary: a dictionary where each word has a definition. (Closed dictionary: all definitions are in terms of words in the dictionary. Dependent dictionary: all definitions are based on words from another dictionary.)
  • traditional text editors map charactersets to strings, these should be renamed string editors.
  • language editors should map words and punctuation to constrained text.
  • language editors would be more useful than string editors in a wide variety of tasks.

so, I'll:

  • choose a character set of alphanumeric and some punctuation
  • make a device for creating a dictionary on the fly
  • make a device for distilling dictionaries from source texts
  • make devices for selecting words quickly from dictionary
  • make devices for selecting punctuation quickly
  • make devices for following basic written language rules (capilalization, matching quotes etc.)
  • use those devices to create contrained text

an environment for developing these sorts of tools could be a textual development environment.

  • dictionary management
  • word map: take words and write descriptions of how they relate to other words.
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Page last modified on October 13, 2007, at 08:18 PM